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Early Eye Exams Are Important For Children

Early Eye Exams Are Important For Children

You probably know better than us that your child is growing and developing at a rapid rate. Proper eye care during your child’s development is absolutely critical to ensuring that your child is developing correctly. Children need to receive attention regarding their eyesight as early as 6 months old to correct, diagnose, and treat any possible problems before they lead to more serious complications.

Arcata Optometrists Dr. Marcus Appy and Dr. Samuel Johnson from A to Z Eye Care are experts when it comes to your child’s eye care. They have years of experience working with children as young as 6 months old. They are here to tell us why early eye exams are important for children.   

Preventive Measures From Early Eye Exams

Several eye conditions that can cause complications later on in your child's life, can be quickly identified and treated in their young years if an eye examination happens early on. There are two pretty common eye issues that can be easily detected and treated:

  • Strabismus: Otherwise known as misalignment of the eyes. This eye condition occurs when muscles in the eye are underdeveloped, causing one eye to look straight while the other eye may look inward, upward, up or down. If left untreated, this eye condition can lead to amblyopia, known as a lazy eye.
  • Amblyopia: Also known as a lazy eye causes a child to have very poor eyesight. One eye did not have a healthy development while the child was developing. If this eye condition is not treated at a young age, it can have irreversible damage on your child's vision as they enter into adulthood. The damaged eye, if not cared for in a timely manner, could develop permanent visual defect resulting in the loss of depth perception.  

Early Eye Exams Could Determine Your Child’s Academic Success

Your child’s success in the classroom relies heavily on their vision. In order to flourish in school, your child needs to have proper vision. If your child does not have the proper vision in the classroom they will probably not be able to see the classroom chalk or whiteboard, which can also damage their development.

One in five preschool children in the United States has vision problems. From board work to reading, to using the computer, a vision problem in your child can really hinder their learning development. This will lead to your child to becoming stressed out, viewing the classroom as a frustrating place. This can all be solved by a visit to your Arcata and Eureka Optometrist.  

Schedule An Early Eye Exam For Your Child Now!

Ensure your child’s success by taking them to an optometrist for an eye examination early. At A to Z Eye Care, Dr. Marcus Appy and Dr. Samuel Johnson know how to spot even the slightest eye complications in your children. Leaving eye complications untreated can result in long-term health issues and hinder your child’s educational development. Don’t wait any longer, call A to Z Eye Care now (707) 822-7641 or fill out their online contact form. A to Z Eye Care can’t wait to provide you with the best vision care and finest service to the Arcata, Eureka, and cities in and near Humboldt County, CA!