A to Z Eye Care’s Mission

“Dedicated to providing our community with quality vision care through education, technology, and excellent service.”

How It All Began

A to Z Eyecare began in the 1950’s when Dr. Brad Barnes opened his Arcata optometry. His brother, Dr. Jim Barnes, later joined him. In the 1980’s, Drs. Loren and Linda Azevedo came to the practice. They were later joined by Dr. Marcus Appy in 2009. Today Dr. Appy works with a great team to provide the state of the art optometry practice that now exists.

Serving Residents of Arcata, Eureka & Humboldt

A2Z2015At A to Z Eye Care, our goal is to provide the best vision care and the finest service to everyone who walks into our office. We see the people we serve not only as patients, but also as friends and family in Eureka, Arcata and Humboldt. We want everyone to feel heard and supported, and we work to go above and beyond with our service. We are honored that our patients put their trust in us and we have loved getting to know our community over the years.

In addition to striving for exceptional service, we aspire to provide the most cutting-edge optometry technology and highest quality eye care products available in our field. Through research, we stay at the forefront of our industry. We are the only office in Eureka, Arcata and all of Humbodlt County to utilize Optomap Digital Retinal Photos and the VisiOffice System offering Verilux S Series progressive lenses. Whether you’re in need of contact lenses, an eye exam, or LASIK surgery, no other Humboldt County optometrist is better equipped.

Committed To Our Patients & The Arcata Community

We are dedicated to educating our community. We aim to have every visit to our office be an opportunity to learn something new, whether it is about the differences in the quality of eyeglass lenses, or an understanding of medical conditions such as glaucoma. We educate everyone who visits us about their insurance and the best way to utilize it. During exams we explain what we are doing so that our patients feel a part of the process. We are also committed to educating the larger community through workshops at schools and community organizations.
We are grateful, that for 50 years, you have trusted us with your vision care needs and look forward to your next, or first, visit! To schedule an appointment call us today at (707) 822-7641 or contact us online!